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Feedback Videos

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Sabina & Alfred - On the Day Coordination

Thank you so much PEP!

We are so grateful for your team and all that they did to make our wedding day a success. 

From the multiple changing of outfits, to the coordinated first look of the venue everything was just beautiful! 

Your team is blessed and we are grateful to have had you with us for our special day.

Swanzie & Bola - Full Wedding Planning 
bola and swan.jpg

I cannot thank the team at Platinum Events Planning enough. Their nous when it came to planning our wedding was nothing short of phenomenal. They were the epitome of professionalism from the start of the planning process to the big day itself ensuring that everything went smoothly. Their experience proved invaluable when it came to us discarding initial ideas we thought would work on our wedding day but with some thought went with options which they suggested that ultimately worked out much better than our initial idea. Weddings are usually associated with being one of the most stressful days of your life but I cannot recommend Platinum Events Planning enough for taking as much stress out as possible. From the tasting sessions to coordinating gifts for the bridal party to working tirelessly the night before the wedding, everything was done meticulously with customer care at the forefront of their service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to ensure that their big event whether a wedding, birthday or anything else goes without a hitch.

Shani & Alfred - On the Day Coordination

Thank You PEP!

Honestly we don’t know what we would have done without you guys. Professional and organised for the first encounter.

You literally elevated so much stress from us and ensured our day was truly magical and memorable.

I honestly felt like a princess from a story book because you ensured I got my fairy tale wedding.

Sadia & Jogesh - Bespoke Services 
sadia and jogesh.jpg

Thank you so much Platinum Events Planning for all your help and assistance with our wedding day.

All the extra touches and advise you gave to make our day special was greatly received by guests and we would highly recommend your  services.
Thank you for making us feel special and listening to our needs. 

The grand mirror seating plan made getting all our guests seated so much easier! 

Venue: The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey