Latest update: 4th January 2021

At present, the government is yet to make an announcement as to when wedding ceremonies and receptions will be allowed to take place again. The UK is currently in a national lockdown and this will be reviewed mid February.

What changes will now take place?

We ensure you have a wonderful  wedding whilst providing a first class service for the safety of you and your guests. Measures are not limited to, but include the following:-

  • Track and trace

  • Temperature checks

  • Masks adhered to where required

  • Plated service provided from the caterer

  • Social distancing upon entry of the venue and floor plan

Initial COVID-19 PEP Statement

The pandemic of the coronavirus that was discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019 has taken the world by storm.

With new safety regulations and policies on social gatherings and social distancing, celebrants have been forced to reschedule many events that they were planning on carrying out this spring and summer.

This time can be very unsettling for couples, celebrants and vendors in general.

We would like to take this opportunity  to state that you are not alone. If you are feeling anxious, unsure or helpless during this time please feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page. We would be happy to discuss your event with you and give you any advice required in order to ensure you still have the day of your dreams when the time is right. 

A few steps to encourage those that are already in the middle of planning their events:

1. Contact your venue

You will need to inform your venue that you need an alternative date and you want to get in there early. Check your venue contract and whether a change of date will incur any fees with your chosen venues.

2. Contact your vendors 

Check your vendor contracts and reach out to vendors to inform them of a possible date change. Everyone is experiencing this pandemic and should be understanding of your need to change your date no matter when in 2020 you were planning to have your event.

Doodle is a great way to agree a new date among your multiple vendors.

3. Check your suppliers 

You may have items such as garments, hair extensions, decorations etc. that are being provided and shipped internationally. 

You will need to take note that shipping times will have increased drastically and items may no longer be available. An alternative may be required to ensure you get all your necessities.

4. Inform your guests

You may not have it all figured out yet but you would want your guests to be aware that a possible change of date is on the horizon. You will still want your nearest and dearest to be available for your newly proposed date. So try to communicate this date at the earliest convenience. We understand that this can only be completed once go ahead has been given by your venue and vendors.

5. Health and Safety 

Speak to your planner or coordinator about extra precautions that can be put in place for your big day. Guests will still be on edge and will want to be reassured that you have their safety interests at front of mind. Vendors will need to take extra hygiene precautions and aids such as hand cleansers may need to be available for guests. 

6. Do not stop planning

Wherever possible, try to replace your face to face meetings with calls, emails, skype, zoom videos etc. so that you can still get things done. Taking a pause/break is OK but you do not want to stop planning and then have to restart from the ground up. Get the small things done that you can, no matter how insignificant you feel they may be.

Stay abreast of any relevant news pertaining to safety and social gatherings so that you can make informed decisions regarding your big day. You will never get this time back again so use it wisely. 

7. Stay safe 

Lastly but most importantly, stay safe and follow Government recommendations on outings and social distancing. You being unwell will prohibit you from following any of the above steps and is not worth the risk. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home if applicable. Check the NHS website for tips on how to stay safe during this time.